Thursday, March 7, 2013

Teacher's Depot looking for a new site

After a year of sharing resources with the community of teachers, the Partners for the Advancement of Teaching at CSU Monterey Bay is again looking for a home.

Thanks to Orosco Group, veteran educators Linda Turner Bynoe and Jennifer Colby had a house at Seaside for a year. They had to close in November, and now are hoping to find a new donated site -- perhaps in Salinas? there are many store fronts closed over there.

I wrote about the Teacher's Depot last year. Check it out

In the meantime, Turner Bynoe and Colby are focused on writing grants.

"Teachers responded well to the Depot and we want to open again."

The Teachers Depot offered teachers ideas and materials for teachers free of charge. Also, they held workshops on new teaching ideas. For more information, click here.

And if you have some space to donate to them, give them a buzz!

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